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The quality of student accommodation is an essential ingredient in academic success and enjoyment of student life.Befitting the standards of the participants in a professional education program.the institute has evolved a system to provide lodging and boarding facilities through professional catering and active participation of residents.

All outstation students are provided guaranteed accommodation on the basis of their confirmed request.There is separate accommodation for boys and girls.There is separate security guard for both boys and girls hostel. Lady caretaker will be there to assist girls hostel. Extensive care is taken by the hostel authority when any of the student is not in good health condition. Proper medical arrangement is done by the hostel authority.Students are taken care with utmost love,care and sincerity.

In each room there will be 2-3 students accommodated depends on the size of the room. Separate wardrobe will be provided for individual students.Indoor game facilities are there in the hostel.Students are provided with morning breakfast, lunch,evening snacks and dinner.

Hostel once taken cannot be vacated before the academic session.Both male and female students should abide by the rules and regulations of the student’s accommodation, if found guilty of not following any rules of the hostel, strict action will be taken against the student

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