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There is an old age saying-The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.Well,let it be known that the way to everyone’s heart is through his/ her stomach,both figuratively and literally. To achieve this extraordinary feat all you have to be is a good ‘ cook’.

Cooking is an art, to be an artist in the kitchen an individual must take all of the foundation techniques and combine those with a progressive mindset that is willing to take risk.

DSM School of Management is there to give the students that boost in Food production lab. Lab is designed in such a way that each student of a class can do individual practical.We have a basic training kitchen, an advanced training kitchen,patisserie and confectionary and larder department.All kinds of basic tools and euipments are there to demonstrate to the students.

Chef competition amongst students are done every month intercollegiate to give a boost to their burning desire to become a CHEF.

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